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    One day, Fluttershy and Rarity were going out on one of their weekly get-togethers. They had just rested at the spa and were now going to pay for their relaxing visit. However, the price was way higher than they expected.
    "Your total is 60 bits." Informed a very bored cashier.
    "60 BITS?!?!? Are you mad? This usually costs us 20 bits!" Raged a very upset Rarity. However, once she realized that her special hooficure costed more than the one she usually gets, she quickly shut her mouth. "Fluttershy, would you mind splitting the bill."
    "Oh Rarity, I wouldn't mind at all, but I don't think I have 30 bits to spend..." Replied a very sheepish Fluttershy. She opened her bit bag, and found out she was correct, she only had 7 bits. "I can offer these, but that's all the bits I have."
    "Don't worry, I can handle the rest." Replied a slightly angry unicorn. She couldn't even pay for half if it still costed 20 bits, Rarity thought to herself. "They don't call me the Element of Generosity for nothing..." The unicorn muttered under her breath.

    Once outside, Rarity guided Fluttershy to her boutique. Once inside, Rarity closed and locked the doors, as she wanted this to be private.
    "Fluttershy, how many bits do you own?"
    "Those were my last 7 bits. Why do you ask Rarity?"
    "Fluttershy, we need to get you a job! You can't make enough to live based off of helping wild animals in the Everfree forest! You should apply to some different places around here!"
    "Really, Rarity, are you sure I need a job? I don't have a problem with the way I live now."
    "That's because we all help you, sweetie. I help front the pay of our days like today, Applejack helps bring you apples and other food you may eat, Twilight helps organize your house, Rainbow Dash helps give your animals fresh rain water, and Pinkie gives you freshly baked goods from Sugarcube Corner. Face it Fluttershy, what happened if we couldn't help you anymore? Then what would you do? Nothing. That's why you need to have an income, bits, money. What do you say Fluttershy, do you want to look for a job tomorrow?"
    "I don't want to put any of my friends down because they are helping me." Fluttershy replied sheepishly. "Ok Rarity, let's go look for a job."

    The next morning, Rarity and Fluttershy set out to all the different businesses, hoping for a job opening. Unfortunately, after looking all around Ponyville, they couldn't find one. So they decided to head back to Rarity's. However, Rarity decided she wanted a piece of chocolate. So they started down to Sugarcube Corner. "I wonder what Pinkie has made tod- Hey what's that?"
    Right in front of the pair was a new business, conveniently, a chocolatier called Cocoa's Sweets. The two decided to check it out.

    The inside was beautiful! It looked as if the whole inside was made of assorted chocolate treats, with a chocolate bar roof and chocolate ball walls. They duo was in shock. "Um, Rarity, have you ever seen this place before?"
    "No dear, it must be brand new."
    "You're right about that!" The voice came from behind a chocolate bar door. The door opened to reveal a cream coloured unicorn with a milk chocolate coloured mane. Her cutie mark was a chocolate chip. "My name is Cocoa Creation, but call me Cocoa for short. I just opened this chocolate confectionery this morning, and you two are my first customers! For that, would you like to try a few samples?"
    "Oh yes!" Rarity jumped on the two macaroons Cocoa held in her hoof. "Oh, um, here Fluttershy..." Rarity gave her one of the macaroons, as she popped the other in her mouth. The immense flavour of the delicacy exploded in her mouth. It was the tastiest macaroon she had ever had! "Those were scrumptious! Allow me to introduce ourselves; my name is Rarity and this here is my friend, Fluttershy. We came by to see what you were all about, and I have to say, I am very impressed! That morsel of chocolate really melted all over my taste buds. What do you think Fluttershy?"
    "It was very tasty, like the tastiest tasty treat ever! Oh I could just have a million of them..." Rarity was at a loss for words. Fluttershy just spoke to a stranger?!? "Are you hiring at the moment?" The pegasus asked.
    That's right, we were looking for a job! Either Fluttershy is really dedicated to helping her friends, or she wants more macaroons. Both ways, she is making some bits. "Funny you should mention that, I was just about to put an ad in the local newspaper. I would live to hire such young, beautiful mares to work with me. You both have the job if you would like it." Cocoa said, a with a heart-warming smile.
    "Oh, I think I may have to turn you down," Responded Rarity."however, I do believe that some other pony was looking for a job..."
    "Thank you, Ms. Cocoa, I would love the job!" Fluttershy started to look like she was getting very excited, Rarity realized. Fluttershy would be with those amazing treats a day... Too bad she doesn't get to eat them.

    It was Fluttershy's first day on the job. "Training Day" as Cocoa called it. Fluttershy walked into the store and gave a wave and a smile to Cocoa. "Good morning Cocoa."
    "Good morning Fluttershy! Are you ready for your first day?"
    "Yes, I've been very excited for the past few days now."
    "Good, good. Now I want to go over some rules about working here. Number 1: be as kind to the customer as possible. Now I know this may be a bit awkward to you, but I am going to put you on cash register duty. You will have to speak to other ponies, but you seem to know most of them here in Ponyville, so that won't be a problem. Number 2: when you don't know, ask for help. If anything ever happens, you let me know. I think you will love this next rule. Number 3: you may eat as much chocolate as you like, just as long as it doesn't get in the way of the customers. So go nuts, have as much as you like, I can always make more in a jiffy."
    "Oh thank you Cocoa! Ill be the best cashier you've ever had!"
    "That won't be hard, considering I've never had a cashier before..." The pair laughed at the joke, while Fluttershy popped a chocolate-covered maraschino cherry in her mouth.

    The front door opened, and a bell attached to the door made the classic, *ding ling* noise. Rarity came in to check up on her friend. "Hello cashier! How are you today?"
    "Rarity! Oh I'm wonderful! This is the best job in all of Equestria! Could I interest you in anything?"
    "Oh why not? I'll have five of the macaroons and one chocolate chip cookie."
    "Your total comes to 3 bits."
    Rarity used her magic to open her bit bag and placed 3 bits on the table. "My that's very cheap!" Rarity said as Fluttershy handed her the bag. "I may have to come back here more often... Have a great shift Fluttershy!"
    "Thanks Rarity, I'll see you soon." Now that Rarity was gone, Fluttershy went back to her hidden bowl of chocolate covered almonds. However, all those treats were bound to go somewhere...

    On Fluttershy's 4th shift, there was a change in her physique due to the copious amounts of chocolate the pegasus had consumed. Her belly was starting to hang lower than usual, and her plot was starting to expand outwards. Her thighs were starting to touch when she stood normally. A double chin was apparent on her face and her cheeks were slightly more puffy. The yellow pony remained oblivious to the changes that were happening to her body though.
    "Hey Fluttershy!" Cocoa chirped as she spotter her through the food window. " I'm just making a new batch of cookies. Here, set these out." Fluttershy received a tray of cookies from her boss. She took a bite out of one of the cookies, and it was delicious, as always. She turned to the counter and started arranging the treats neatly. Cocoa could only just stare and watch, as Fluttershy's newly enlarged plot jiggled and shook after she took each step. Today is going to be a good day, both Fluttershy and Cocoa thought to themselves.

    3 hours and plenty of chocolate treats later, Fluttershy started to get a bellyache. She decided to wash it all down with a glass of chocolate milk. So Fluttershy got a transparent seat, placed it behind the cash register, and started drinking her milk while subconsciously rubbing her now larger tummy. The transparent chair gave Cocoa a clear shot at just how big Fluttershy had gotten in the past few days.
    Oh my word, thought Cocoa. She's already over the edge of the seat! Sure enough, her plot had grown so much it extended over the chair. And with the clear chair, she could get the whole, squishy view. And what a view it was...

    "Today was the busiest day yet. At least, I think so. What do you think Cocoa?"
    "I think you're right! Today is over though, but can I at least offer a bag of treats before you leave?"
    "Please, I would love to have some."
    Cocoa went behind the counter and grabbed the largest bag they had, and grabbed many confections and other treats. She then proceeded to fill the bag up to the top with sweets. "For being so great these past few days. I expected a lot from you Fluttershy, and you really showed me that you are a very hard worker. So this is my way of saying thanks. Ill see you tomorrow, and I expect a great effort, ok?"
    "Ok Cocoa, thanks for the chocolates! See you tomorrow!" Fluttershy started to walk down the path towards her house, while Cocoa watched her go from the store.

    At the start of her 2nd week, Fluttershy was gleeful and excited to work. She had started on a plate of chocolate truffles when Rarity walked in through the door. "Hey Rarity! The usual?" Rarity had come in every single day since Cocoa's Sweets opened, and she always ordered the same thing.
    "Yes please, dear." Fluttershy took a bag and started filling it with macaroons. Once it was full, she placed a chocolate chip cookie on tip.
    "3 bits please."
    "Fluttershy, I don't know why, but I always feel like I need more, is that normal?"
    "Yeah, if I could guess, you just have a craving for chocolate right now... But at least I get to see my friend while I'm at work right?"
    "I guess you're right. Thanks Fluttershy. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?"
    "Ok, I'll be here. Bye Rarity!" When Rarity went to turn to leave, Fluttershy thought she could see her belly start to jiggle. I must be imagining things, thought Fluttershy. When she looked again, she could see that Rarity's plot had started to become larger and jiggle slightly with each step. Oh no, Rarity has gained weight! Fluttershy was going to call out to her friend, but she stopped herself. She didn't want to hurt her feelings, and she did seem very happy when she had the chocolates. I won't tell her, I don't want her to be upset with me...

    At the end of the 2nd week, Cocoa allowed Fluttershy to take home as many chocolates as she liked. So, of course, Fluttershy loaded 3 bags full of assorted chocolates and went off to her cottage. Fluttershy was still unaware of her gain and just how much she weighed. She had a large belly that started to hang very low, a huge plot  almost large enough for 2 chairs, giant applebucking thighs that touched together no matter how far she spread them, and a full double chin with puffy cheeks to match. When Fluttershy made it to her house, she was completely out of breath. "I didn't think, *pant* that those, *gasp*chocolates would be so heavy..." Fluttershy put down the bags of chocolate on a nearby table and fell onto her couch. She was so tired, that when her head hit contact with a cushion, she fell asleep instantly, dreaming of all the amazing chocolates she will devour.

    Morning came, and Fluttershy awoke to the sound of her bird friends singing outside her living room window. With a yawn and a stretch , she slipped off the couch and sleepily walked over to the kitchen. On her way there, she noticed the bags of chocolate just sitting there, basking in the morning sunlight to make them look even more delectable. Fluttershy immediately held back her thoughts though. "There's no way I am having chocolate for breakfast!" However, her growling stomach soon got the best of her, and she started on one of the bags. The scrumptious chocolate had started to melt, but it made the sweets even more amazing. The chocolate was melted enough for it to slide down your throat, but still was able to keep its shape. Fluttershy took out hooffull after hooffull after hooffull of the creamy delicacy. She soon realized that all good things must come to an end, as she popped the last piece from the 1st bag into her awaiting maw. After the delicious breakfast, the yellow pegasus soon realized that she needed something to wash it down with. When she opened her fridge, she knew there was only one choice.


    She knew milk was the correct choice, as Fluttershy only had milk in her fridge. The pudgy pony contemplated a glass, but decided to use the carton instead. She cracked open the top, and started pouring the creamy, white liquid down her parched throat. The milk was doing the trick, as Fluttershy felt less and less thirsty. As she chugged the last few sips, her belly started to gurgle. When the shy pony finished her drink, she began to subconsciously rub her newly enlarged stomach. The feel of soft hooves on her fluffy tummy made her stomach release some pressure. "*Urp!* Oh, excuse me." Fluttershy covered her mouth to try and hide her gas if she had to burp again. That's when she heard the loud stomp of a hoof, then a knock at her door. Fluttershy waddled over to the door and opened it.

    Standing there, just outside Fluttershy's house, was Rarity. "Oh, um, hi Rarity."
    "Hello darling. How are you today?"
    "I'm good. I had a great sleep, even though I slept on the couch, and a very delicious breakfast this morning."
    "Oh? What did you have?"
    "Chocolate, and lots of it..." Fluttershy answered, starting to slip into a delicious daydream.
    "Did you say chocolate? That's what I came here for! I was wondering if I could have some, as I am starting to run out myself. I just can't seem to get enough. Its creamy textures and mouth-watering taste is just too good!"
    "Anything for my friend, how about you come inside?"
    "Thank you dear."

    Fluttershy motioned for Rarity to enter, as she stayed to close the door. Whilst Rarity trotted by, Fluttershy got an amazing look of how different her friend looked. Her whole frame was starting to expand. Her soft belly looked as if it needed to be kneaded and played with. Her chunky thighs were squishy and jiggly. Her face was quite full and her cheeks seemed slightly puffed out. Her plot took the cake though. It stretched out wider than her frame, and had enough excess fat to make any seat comfortable. Its soft curvature made Fluttershy's eyes transfixed on the bouncing butt in front of her. Fluttershy shut the door, and followed the entrancing plot.

    "So tell me dear, where are these chocolates?" Rarity asked with a bit of yearning, her eyes scanning the room.
    "Just over here, on the table, but Rarity, I want to talk to you about something..."
    "What ever is the matter Fluttershy?" Rarity popped a chocolate in her mouth, and smiled in glee. "Mmm, these are amazing treats!"
    It's getting worse... She keeps eating them and is totally oblivious, Fluttershy thought to herself. I should tell her about her weight... But then she would get mad at me... I just don't know what to do... "Oh, it's nothing..."

    Rarity knew not to pressure her. "Ok dear, but if you would like to talk about it, I'm all ears." She popped another chocolate into her mouth, thinking of what Fluttershy would've wanted to talk about. Probably about her weight gain, Rarity deduced. Fluttershy had gotten huge over the last few weeks. Her huge belly hung dangerously low to the ground when she walked, and her huge thighs started to sink into her obese body. Her now puffy face made her look extremely cute. Her enormous plot jiggled with any slight movement, and was large enough to destroy any chair. However, Fluttershy sat down on the couch and took a bag of chocolates for herself. Soon, the pair started laughing and telling stories of their week, all while snacking on chocolates.

    A few hours passed, and the only thing that remained was two overweight, satisfied ponies. Not a single speck of chocolate remained in Fluttershy's cottage. "My, my! Thanks you so much Fluttershy! I really needed that chocolate boost! And with Cocoa's closed on weekends, I didn't think I was going to make it."
    "It was nothing, really. Though I seem to have run out too. I can wait until Monday to get some more though. You're always welcome to come and visit me at work or at home!" Fluttershy offered to Rarity, who happily agreed.
    "I guess I better head out though. Sweetie Belle has a Cutie Mark Crusader meeting today. Something about ice cream... Anyways, thanks again Fluttershy!" And with that, Rarity left the cottage, thinking of how to tell Fluttershy about her predicament.

    "Oh Angel, I just don't know if I should tell her or not... She is my friend, and will know that I am trying to help, but what if she thinks I am intruding in on her personal business? I just don't know what to do..." Fluttershy flopped on the couch, muzzle to the roof. She laid down and thought of the pros and cons of telling Rarity about her problem. However, instead of coming up with ways to talk to her, Fluttershy ended up falling asleep on the couch with a belly full of cocoa and a heart full of questions.

    When Fluttershy woke up, it was just past lunchtime. She got off the couch, and waddled to the fridge. She was hungry after her nap, so why not have a late lunch? She grabbed everything she needed to make her favourite, a daffodil sandwich. Once complete, she greedily scarfed it down. A daffodil sandwich used to fill up Fluttershy, but now, she could've eaten 10 and still have been hungry. Her stomach started to gurgle, waiting in anticipation for more food. "I know, I know... I got it!" Fluttershy grabbed her bit bag, and headed off to the only bakery open on weekends, Sugarcube Corner.

    As Fluttershy neared the bakery, the smells started to seep into her nostrils. She was gleeful, because all the walking had made her tired. Just a little more Fluttershy, you can do this! Fluttershy started encouraging herself to make it all the way to Sugarcube Corner. It paid off, as she made it to SC without taking a break. The yellow pegasus walked through the saloon-like doors, and was instantly hit with a multitude of sweet aromas. She could smell the vanilla cakes in the oven, the freshly sliced bread, the pies cooling off by the window. She trotted through the store, and came up to the counter. She dinged the service bell and was greeted with a "Just a minute."

    Soon enough, a pink, friendly earth pony with enough energy for 5 ponies bounced from the kitchen to the counter. "Heya Fluttershy, what can I do for you today?"
    "Hi Pinkie Pie, I was wondering if you had any pies for sale."
    "For sure! We have apple, blueberry, banana cream, strawberry rhubarb, cherry, pumpkin, you name it! Which one would you like?"
    "I'll take a whole cherry pie, with a carton of your chocolate ice cream please."
    "A whole pie? Is there a party going on? I LOVE PARTIES! But you probably knew that, you probably also know that a new chocolatier opened up in town, and boy has business been slow! It's been like molasses settled in December! We here at Sugarcube Corner have variety! We have, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, coffee, cherry-"
    "Um, Pinkie?"
    "-and we also have lemon, which is very good after a heavy dinner. The best side to have with a lemon pie is milk because it helps-"
    "-I mean coffee is ok, but only if you put a lot of sugar in it! It gets too bitter when you don't put sugar in it, plus everything tastes better than sugar! I mean, look at our homemade candies! The sugar coated ones are way better than-"
    "Oh, right, your order. Silly me, just getting sidetracked, again! So that's one pie and one ice cream. Your total is 12 bits."
    Fluttershy opened her bit bag and grabbed 12 bits with her teeth. Her stomach started to growl again, impatient for the food that was going to come. "How long until it is ready?"
    "Riiiiiiiiiight now!" Pinkie grabbed the nearby pie, just cooling down, and the ice cream from the freezer.
She placed them down at a table and allowed Fluttershy to eat in peace.

    That's weird... Thought Fluttershy. What made Pinkie sit me down. They only do that to people who are going to eat some of the food they ordered, if not all. A pie and a tub of ice cream is a lot for one pony. Why would she seat me?
    Is that really Fluttershy? Pinkie was thinking about the other pony as well. She's so much bigger, and more jiggly! She would probably be lots of fun at parties, Pinkie deduced. Anyway, the extra weight on Fluttershy's frame looked very good on her, at least to Pinkie.

    Fluttershy couldn't wait to dig into the pie. She was going to cut the pie into slices, but seeing how there was nobody in Sugarcube Corner at the time, she decided it was easier to eat it straight out of the tin. She picked up the pie with the tin still attached, and shoved her muzzle right into the middle of the pie. The cherry filling exploded all over Fluttershy's face, leaving a red syrup all around her mouth. Nonetheless, Fluttershy still got plenty into her mouth. The sweet innards landed on her taste buds, along with the flaky crust. "Oh my. This pie is delicious!" She dug right back in, starting to work her way to the outside of the pie from the centre. Once the pudgy pony reached the edge of the shiny tray, she devoured her way around the delicious delicacy. The filling was starting to spread from her muzzle to her chubby cheeks, leaving a huge mess on Fluttershy's face.

    With one final gulp, she finished the large pie. The sweet aftertaste still lingered, but she yearned for something else. "It's a good thing I got this ice cream too!" Fluttershy popped open the top, and started muzzle first into the frozen dessert. With the pie filling still attached to her cheeks, it started to mix in with the ice cream. The chocolate and cherry combination was orgasmic, as the pegasus continued to inhale the cold treat. However, the ice cream was too cold for Fluttershy to eat all at once, so she took a slight break. When she pulled her muzzle from the container, she saw that she had melted chocolate ice cream mixed in with the cherry filling. She took her hoof, and wiped her cheeks clean. She then proceeded to eat all the excess food from her hoof, being sure not to waste a single drop. The creamy mixture was heaven for Flutershy's taste buds. "If only I mixed the pie and ice cream while I had the chance..." Going back in for the last scoop of ice cream, she stretched her tongue as far in as possible, trying to reach into the very depths of the container. With her tongue reaching its destination, it was greeted with the last bit of the frozen dessert. Scooping it up, she retreaded her maw and licked her face clean, muzzle and all.

    "Wow, that was the best pie I've had in a while! Though I am quite full... Perhaps a nap at home will do the trick." The winged pony got off the half-bent chair, sparing its life for another day, and headed for the door, her gigantic plot swaying with each clop of her hooves on the wood flooring. "Bye Pinkie Pie. Thank you for the food! It was wonderful."
    "Anytime... Fluttershy?" Pinkie couldn't believe it! How did FLUTTERSHY eat the pie and the ice cream? But with one quick glance at the large, yellow plot exiting the bakery, Pinkie could make a guess how.

    Belly now dragging on the ground, hooves barely able to touch the ground, Fluttershy made her way back to her cottage. However, she only made it about 3/4 of the way before she needed a break. Lucky for Fluttershy, her break just happened to be at Sweet Apple Acres. "Maybe Applejack will let me rest for a bit..."

    Fluttershy made her way, rather slowly, up to the barn. Huffing and puffing her way up, she finally made her way up to Applejack's. Knocking at the barn door, she was greeted with the door being opened slightly and a bright orange smiling face. "Oh, howdy Fluttershy. What brings you 'round these parts?"
    "Oh, hi Applejack. I was hoping you could help me out... You see, I was walking home and then I got tired, so I was wondering if I could spend some time here to rest up."
    "Uh, sure thing sugarcube." You got tired, gimme a break, though AJ. Then she opened the door fully and reconsidered her thoughts. Holy sweet aunt Apple Pie! Fluttershy is huge! Hiding her reaction, she welcomed her guest into her house. "It's just me here tonight. Rest of ma folks went down to Marizona for their Apple Fest. Somepony has to look after the farm, so I stayed behind."
    "Oh wow, I couldn't even imagine how many apples must be down there right now, fruit and ponies."

    "Heh, yeah..." The orange pony motioned for Fluttershy to have a seat on the couch, which the exhausted pony complied to. When the plump pony sat down on the comfortable couch, the legs of the couch started to creak, but it held on. Applejack winced at the sound, but Fluttershy didn't seem to notice.

    "Do you have any food? I'm starved." The fat pony asked the fit pony.
    "Sure do, what can I get for you?"
    "Umm... Two apple pies would be nice."
    "Alright, two pies coming up!"

    As Applejack was in the kitchen, obtaining the pre-made pies, she was constantly thinking about Fluttershy's weight. Applejack thought to herself, if Fluttershy keeps eatin' she's gonna break something or injure somepony... AJ grabbed the pies, which had been in the fridge, and brought them back to Fluttershy. "They're all yours sugar cube."

    "Oh, thank you Applejack." Fluttershy took a pie and brought it up to her face. But she stopped, as AJ was staring with great interest.
    "Don't mind me, just eat to your hearts content!"
    "Thanks Applejack." She ate the apple pie just like she ate her cherry pie earlier; starting from the middle and working her way outside to the crust. The cold pie was amazing to Fluttershy and her taste buds. In no time flat, Fluttershy finished the pie and went for the second one. "This pie is fantastic! I love how its cold; a change to all the other pies I've had recently!"
    "Hehe, yeah... Hey Fluttersh-" She was already back to eating, so Applejack decided to save her breath. Instead, she started to start at all of Fluttershy's curves and rolls. Her plot took up easily two spots on the couch, and maybe started to take over a third. Her thighs were so large that she always had to have her legs spread, or else there would be too much friction between the pair of hind legs. Her face was very chubby, with cheeks full of apple filling, her triple chin jiggling with each bite of the pie. But when Applejack took a look at Fluttershy's belly, a large crack was emitted from underneath the pegasus' frame, followed with a large crash which was audible for miles. The couch's legs had snapped, causing the cushions and a very obese Fluttershy to fall about 5 inches.

    "Oh sweet Celestia! Are you ok Fluttershy?"
    "Yes... But why are you so worried, what happened?" She asked with a concerned tone in her voice.

    That pony sure has a large plot, to not even feel herself falling. She must've so into my cooking, that she didn't even notice the crack. Applejack pondered about whether she should tell Fluttershy about what happened. "Oh, I thought I heard something, a loud bang. I was just checking up on you to see if you weren't shocked by it." Applejack was the Element of Honesty after all, so what she said wasn't a lie, it's was just the vague truth.
    "I didn't hear any bang. I must've been so entranced by your delicious pie, that I totally missed it." The empty pie tin was then placed on the nearby table. "Well, I best be off. I want to make it home before it gets dark. Thank you very much for the pies Applejack, they were lovely!" Fluttershy used her wings to help herself up onto all fours, not even noticing the destroyed couch underneath her.
    "Aww shucks, it was nothing really. Anyways, I'll be seeing you around Fluttershy!" The farm pony closed the door behind her guest, wondering what to do with the destroyed sofa in the middle of her living room.

    As Fluttershy walked into her cottage, completely winded and exhausted, the moon started to rise from the horizon. She went to the kitchen, grabbed some snacks that Pinkie left over that one time, and went back over to the sofa. She lifted her enormous plot up to the couch, and rested on it with all her weight. Of course, like Applejack's, the piece of furniture didn't stand a chance. However, unlike at Applejack's, she noticed it. "Oh my! That hasn't happened before..."

    The pegasus got up, and turned to find the legs snapped on the couch, once again, just like at Applejack's. "How in Celestia's name did I do that? Maybe I've put on a few pounds..." Fluttershy began to inspect herself. That's when she saw herself in all her glory. Her heavy belly, dragging across the ground when she walked on all fours. She felt her face and found her chin plus two more, stacked all on top of one another. She moved to her mirror so she could see the rest of herself. She saw her large legs that with the added weight, the circumference would be more on one leg than her whole width before she put on weight. But her plot took the cake. It's sheer vastness blew her away, as it jiggled and shook with every slight movement she made. Her cutie mark was stretched to a much larger size than before. But the yellow pony only thought one thing.

It felt good to be this big.

    A week later, Rarity rolled out of her bed, and was greeted with a note attached to a pigeon. "Must be Fluttershy. She's the only one I know who is good friends with animals. I haven't heard from her recently. She quit her job and now I have lost all touch with her. I wonder if she is doing alright..." She took the note, and gave the bird a crumb of a cake she had last night. The pigeon took it graciously, and flew off towards the cottage.

    Rarity's physique hadn't really changed since she gained weight; it just got bigger. The most of her weight went to her plot, much like Fluttershy's, only a lot smaller. She still had a nice belly, hanging fairly low, and a double chin on her face. The unicorn's hind legs started to touch, no matter how hard Rarity tried to separate them. She had the physique any plus-sized pony model would want.

    "I wonder what Fluttershy would sent me with a pigeon..." Rarity opened the note, and read it aloud. "Dear Rarity, I have BIG news to tell you! Please come to my cottage as soon as you can, if you can make it. Signed, Fluttershy."

    "It must be important, so I will head over right away!" The marshmallow pony concluded, as she got ready for the day.

    As Rarity walked up to the cottage, she realized that she was fairly out of breath. "I guess the walk here was somehow harder today. I don't know how though, it all looked the same." Rarity though about what would make it more difficult to walk to Fluttershy's, not even thinking about the fact that it could be caused by her larger physique, which she was still unaware of.

    Knocking at the door, a voice from behind the door asked who was there. "It's me dear, Rarity. May I come in?"
    "Oh yes, come in." Rarity opened the door with her magic and was greeted with a massively obese Fluttershy accompanied with about 20 different cakes and pies. Her belly had become so large that it lifted her hooves off the ground. Her limbs had gotten sucked into her belly, and now only 3/4 of each leg was visible. Fluttershy's face was accompanied by chin after chin after chin after chin after chin. Her large cheeks made the huge pony look like she was doing an impression of a fish all the time. Rarity trotted around to the other side of her to catch a glimpse of her plot. It was enormous! Each cheek could take up its own sofa, and her cutie mark was about half the size of her before she started gaining weight.

    "Fluttershy, what happened to you!"
    "Well, it all started back when I got the job at Cocoa's. I got to eat as much chocolate as I liked, so I ate and ate and ate, much like anypony would do. Then last weekend, I got so big that I broke my couch, and that's when I realized that I had gained weight. However, I also realized something else; it feels good to be fat! So I decided to quit working with Cocoa, and just fatten myself up. I have Pinkie bring me food every day of the week, but I made her Pinkie promise not to tell anypony about what I am doing. Surely you've noticed it too, how great it feels with a bit of extra weight on you."

    "Extra weight?" Rarity cantered to the mirror as fast as she could to observe herself. Her reflection greeted her with a pony double the weight she thought she was. "B-b-but... My figure..."
    "I think you look wonderful Rarity." Fluttershy commented, trying to comfort her friend. "Think of all the plus sized outfits you could make now. I'm sure plenty of ponies would buy them, as they already do with your normal sized clothing."
    "Really? Oh thank you Fluttershy! You're the best friend a pony could ask for!" Rarity ran up to give the yellow pony a hug, but stopped herself. "Don't want to get lost in one of your rolls." The pair laughed, as every pony in Ponyville was happy once more.
It's finally done, and much larger than I expected (no pun intended)

This for all my watchers on any site, thank you so much for all of your support!

Well, time to get back to Practice makes Pudding...
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monterrang Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Student General Artist
i guess you already know someone want to make a comic about this story

anyway congrat's for that!
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016
I saw :3 I'm really excited to see how the comic is going to turn out :D
monterrang Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  Student General Artist
you have no idea how excited i am too!
lordnyan Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2015  Professional Writer
Lol, i imagine Flutter's would actually look adorable as a fat pony. Loved the story :D
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015
I'm glad you enjoyed it :3 thank you so much!
MMMMM9999999999 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
can you pleeeaaase make a part 2!!!!!!!!!pleeeaaase!!!!!!!!!
AnthroLoverJay Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. Nice to see a more gradual gain that actually took a few weeks. Though obviously nobody would get "that" fat without noticing. Meh. Cartoon logic. I would've liked to see Twilight and Rainbow's reactions to Fluttershy's weight. Twilight may have actually told her about it and tried to use a spell to reduce her weight, and Rainbow would definitely have something to say (being a fellow pegasus). Fluttershy never really attempted to fly anyway. Cocoa kind of disappeared halfway through. Somehow I suspected she may have had some ulterior motive, like she was intentionally fattening Fluttershy up because she found it to be attractive. Meh. This works just as well. Not too sure about the ending. Sure Fluttershy and Rarity are both content with being fat, but Fluttershy's become completely immobilized. She can't leave her house, or take care of the animals. At least Rarity is still able to get around. Overall though, it was a pretty good story. Nice work. :)
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
For Cocoa, she was too busy making more treats for Fluttershy to eat :3 she did like her being fat, but when Fluttershy quit, she respected her decision and let be off on her own.

As for taking care of the animals, that's what the magic of friendship is about; making your friends do all the work while you lay there and eat food :3
AnthroLoverJay Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fair enough. Though at the rate Fluttershy was going it probably wouldn't be long before she outgrew her house.
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Yeah, one can dream...

Imagine that flutterass :icondatplotplz:
Shamrock95 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
At first I was like :icondafuqplz:

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xmaster555 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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Nova225 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
It was pretty 'ok', though I must wonder about the ''Without us, you could barely be able to live at your place'' part ? I mean, really ?

In the show, it's quite clear that she lives there since a good while... before she REALLY knew the 5 others (like Good Friends, more than just good neighbors she knows). She seems quite fine by her own means.

Sure, the idea of the others helping her *more* is good, but that might have been pushing (implying) it a 'bit' too far that road, you know ?
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
I was going off the fact that she had a low income, but yes, she had lived there for a few years previous. However, take into context the amount of bits she would make taking care of wild animals... It's a very low income, so eventually her life savings would be depleted. This happened when she was at the spa with Rarity, as she spent her last 7 bits. So, before she knew the other mane 6, Fluttershy spent her bits on her necessities. But with her friends offering to help until she got a real job, she could save her bits and only buy things when she needed to (ie. spa days with Rarity).

But yes, I agree with you too. It was probably a bit too much, but I did it to get the story's plot (no pun intended) across.
MaybeIHaveAFetish Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist
Cute :3 Love Fluttershy and Rarity
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Haha don't we all!
crazygameguy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
This was really cute and well written :3 You've done the weightgain and character interactions really good! c:
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
Thank you! The weight gain interactions are fairly fun, however, on the next PmP, I may go into more detail, as it seems a bit vague right now... But yes, thank you for the compliment!
crazygameguy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
You're welcome. ^^ I'm glad I just found your work, its very cute :3
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crazygameguy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
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I know what you mean! Sometimes some sites get a bit lonely... Lol
crazygameguy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
Indeed -w- Its hard to find other writers when most sites are drawn art dominated XD -w-'
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013
That's why I like FiMFiction, because its all stories... But the amount of actual writers:members is like 1:500, so finding an author who likes the same concept as you can be pretty challenging :iconapplejackshrugplz:
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muneca26 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Good story can't wait for next chapter of practice makes pudding
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