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September 24, 2013
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Cookie Clicker

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    One day, in sunny Canterlot, Princess Luna was sleeping, awaiting the night so she could perform her royal duties; raise the moon at dusk. She was having an amazing dream, where she was in a land of cookies, located in the Cookieverse. Luna was surprised as to how she knew this, as there was no sign of civilization around, except for the road she stood upon. The sun shone brightly, as it seemed about midday. The road was surrounded on both sides by tall wheat, swaying peacefully in the wind. She trotted down the road, when suddenly, a large chocolate chip cookie appeared in front of her. "Huh, I wonder how that got there? It wasn't there a few seconds ago..." Curiosity peaked, the regal princess decided to investigate the enormous baked good.

    Upon coming within 1-2 feet away, Princess Luna decided to see if it was, in fact, real. She reached out with her hoof, and touched the biscuit ever so slightly. Suddenly, an average-sized cookie appeared at Luna's hooves. She picked it up, using her magic, and looked it over. It seemed like an ordinary chocolate chip cookie, but there was only one way to find out for sure...

1 cookie
    The taste of the cookie was indescribable (but I'll try anyways). The cookie was firm enough to hold its form, but soft enough not cause strain on the princess' teeth. The chocolate chips had been melted down into a gooey consistency, and would spread warmth throughout Luna's mouth. It was, in fact, the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

    But where did it come from? Did it appear when she hit the cookie? Luna tapped the giant delicacy once more, and once more did another cookie appear.

2 cookies
    She ate it up with great gusto, trying to savour the taste while trying to completely devour the cookie at the same time. When Luna swallowed, she felt a strange power from within her, but she just ignored it; she just wanted more cookies.

15 cookies
    Princess Luna had begun a repetitive process. She would get a cookie, eat the cookie, want another cookie, and get another cookie. She had just finished her fifteenth, when she felt that similar magic aura from within. It was nothing she had ever felt before. It was something new, something that had to be released.

    She released the aura through her horn, and she couldn't believe what she saw. It was a strange shape, as it had three small bumps on top, all on one side, with a tall bump beside the others. There was a fifth bump, however it was slightly lower on one side and fairly askew. The sides came together to form a flat bottom, and joined everything together (it's a cursor). Luna gasped in shock. She had never seen anything like it in her entire life. Much to the regal princess' dismay, the strange object did not even acknowledge her. Instead, it flew up to the giant cookie's edge and started spinning around it. "What in Equestria is that thing doing?" Luna was think aloud, when it moved. Only slightly, but it moved towards the cookie, and returned to its original distance from the oversized treat. A new cookie appeared in front of Luna, who was just dumbstruck. "Where did this cookie come from? Did that thing do it?" She picked up the cookie and ate it, watching carefully as the object went around the chocolate chip cookie. When the thing moved to the cookie and back, a new cookie had appeared. "Ah, I see... When you tap the cookie, it will give you a cookie. But if I get something else to click the cookie for me, I won't have to click it at all! Hmm..." Luna had an idea. A brilliant idea.

30 cookies
    After eating a few more cookies, Luna felt that mysterious power returning to her body. She casted the spell and spawned another object, shaped just like the first. It flew up alongside its partner, and started making cookies appear. Instead of one appearing, two now popped up within the princess' reach. "Huzzah, the cookies have been doubled!" She scooped them up and tossed them in her awaiting mouth, anxious for the next cookies.

80 cookies
    "Ugh, why won't they come any faster?" Luna was frustrated. Now with a slight amount of belly weight, she was eager for the next cookies to appear. Too eager. "If only Mrs. Cake were here... She could make me some cookies." As if on cue, Luna's horn glowed, and in front of her appeared a gigantic house, complete with many kitchens, and one inhabitant: Mrs. Cake.
    "Oh, good afternoon Princess Luna, would you like some cookies?"
    "Yes please, it would be delightful if you could."
    Luna had never seen what was about to be seen. Mrs. Cake grabbed a baking tray, with about five cookies on it, and placed it in the oven. Instantly, the five cookies appeared at Luna, begging to be eaten. "But... How? Oh well, I won't complain about food, especially cookies!" She ate all five in one bite, which was good, because five more appeared in front of her. "Um, Mrs. Cake, you can slow down now." But she didn't seem to hear. Oh well, Luna could just stockpile them for eating later. Or so she thought...

200 cookies
     Luna was getting a bit chubby, but it wasn't a very noticeable difference. Her face and legs stayed the same size, her body has a thin layer of fat on it, and her plot had a slight jiggle to it. It wasn't as if the princess cared. She just wanted more cookies. "Haha, could you imagine two Mrs. Cakes baking for me? That would be funny!" Once again, her horn glowed and made a second Mrs. Cake appear. "Looks like I spoke too soon..." Luna spoke to herself with a chuckle. She opened wide, ready for the five cookies that had been coming previously. Instead, she got double of what she originally thought. As the ten cookies emptied into her mouth, Luna chewed and swallowed with a large grin on her face. "These cookies are so good! I could just eat these all day!" A second later, twelve cookies appeared, and Luna swallowed them all. She opened her mouth, ready for the next set.

1000 cookies
    The Princess of the Night had definitely put on some weight since starting. Her cheeks were slightly puffier, and the start of a double chin was visible. Her belly had definitely grown, as it was hanging lower than usual, and swayed a bit when she trotted. Her back had the start of some rolls of fat, while her plot was larger both width and lengthwise. But the navy pony was still going strong, not even the slightest bit full. Not that she noticed; she was too busy stuffing her face with delicious treats! "Heh, imagine if I could get even more cookies. I don't even think I could eat them all..."

    But it was too late. Luna thought it, so that magic aura came back and made a huge farm, that could make plenty of cookies. The plants grown there were special plants that Luna had never seen before. The plants were actual cookie plants, and there was a whole crew working on the farm to harvest them. ~Wow, that's a lot of cookies...~ Luna thought to herself, as 30 cookies got sent down the princess' throat. "Whoa, that was a lot of cookies... I know it's coming now though. I guess the more stuff I build, the more cookies I get. Well then, I guess I'll have two more Mrs. Cakes, and two more... things." Just like that, there were 4 Mrs. Cakes, and 4 cursors going around the cookie. Luna opened her maw, and welcomed the 44 cookies that entered it. "I'm going to like this..." Thought Luna, as she thought about making more buildings.

20 000 cookies
    Luna had the start of a thriving city. With several cookie factories and farms providing work for many ponies, they decided to build houses around the area. The townsfolk were very friendly, and even offered to build Luna a house. Luna accepted, and the construction team got right to work. They built her a gigantic house, that could accommodate all of the citizens of Cookietown (that's what Luna named it) plus plenty more. The town made Luna their ruler, as she had founded the city. But at what cost?

    Her royal figure was pretty much destroyed. Her cheeks puffy, head resting on three necks, and her belly that touches the ground replaced her old physique. With back rolls on top, and a large plot to boot, Luna was, to put it lightly, overweight. To put it truthfully, obese. But every second, she would open her mouth as so many cookies entered the gaping hole, never to be seen again.

    The added weight didn't seem to affect Princess Luna, nor did she despise it. In face, she even seemed to flaunt it sometimes. Not that anypony cared. They too, liked the show that their ruler was putting on. And what a show it was...

96 000 cookies
    The giant treat that was in the middle of town square was almost forgotten. As seen 24/7 by the citizens of Cookietown, they took it as part of the skyline, part of the background. It was just, well, there. Part of the everyday life for a Cookietownian.

    The Princess was sitting at home, eating cookies by the hundreds now. Luna, once trim and nimble, was now fat and immobile. Her belly was sprawled out in front of her, rolls upon rolls of belly visible. Her plot was huge, with a cutie mark ten times its original size. Rolls and crevices of fat were strewn out across the royal's body, but she didn't care, nor did anypony else. She loved her new size, and would love to see herself get bigger and bigger.

760 000 cookies
    With the added chocolate mines and alchemy labs, the amount of cookies being sent to the Princess was growing by the second. Which meant that the Princess herself was growing by the second. Now broken out of her house, she laid upon the rubble of her abode. The support walls gave way when the royal tush gave a bit of a shove. Her expanding plot was huge! With enough space for at least twenty ponies to rest upon, it jiggled and wobbled at each slight movement the regal pony made. Her belly was flowing with nothing standing in its way. The rolls of thick fat on her stomach made great places for crumbs of cookies to hide in while their navy host was distracted, which was all the time, as she was constantly stuffing her face with cookies. Her head was rested upon multiple flabby necks while her face itself had two massive cheeks, constantly filled with cookies. However, the Princess wasn't done yet...

1 000 000 000 cookies
    With many portals to the rest of the Cookieverse, there was an abundance of cookies coming in, not to mention the multiple time machines and the scientists of Cookietown's newest invention: the Antimatter Condenser. This bad boy could take the antimatter in the Cookieverse and transform it into even more cookies. Of course, it meant even more cookies for Luna, who had become as large as the blossoming town itself. Many children of Cookietown played on their leader's immobile body. They explored the gaping rolls that traversed around her body, had sleepovers on her squishy belly, and played simple games like tag upon her backside. Princess Luna didn't mind though; she was just happy to be eating all those cookies...

    Suddenly, the cookies stopped. The children ran away, and the buildings were destroyed and erased from existence. The blue, blue sky had faded, and was starting to turn black. Actually, everything started to turn black...

    Princess Luna awoke from her pleasant dream content and happy, but slightly disappointed. She turned to look out her bedroom window. Sunset. "Oh, I have to get ready for the night!" Luna got up, combed her mane, put on her tiara, and trotted down to the dining hall. Celestia was there waiting for her.

    "How was your sleep dear Luna?"
    "Fantastic, I had the most wonderful dream! I'll have to tell you about it sometime." The blue alicorn replied. "Now where's the food? I'm starved!" As if on cue, two chefs brought out two trays. Each chef lifted the lid to reveal a daffodil sandwich. Then, a third and fourth chef appeared and placed another tray at each of the Princess' seats.
    "For dessert,"one of the chefs stated as they lifted the lid, "one chocolate chip cookie." Luna couldn't almost hold back her laughter. What a coincidence, or was it. Luna, without thinking about it, grabbed the cookie and popped the whole thing in her mouth with a slight grin.

1 cookie
Yes, all of you got trolled. ENJOY!

Cookie Clicker copyright its owners
Cover Art copyright
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MLPFan298 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Moar, sequel now!
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Cookie Clicker 2: Celestia's Cake Conundrum
MLPFan298 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
wat? don't get it
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
If I was to make a sequel, I would probably name it Celestia's Cake Conundrum only because it would be very repetitious to make it about cookies again. However, I don't plan on making a sequel anytime in the near future...
MLPFan298 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Yeah, this isn't a really a good story to have a sequel to, is it?
TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Not the best to be truthful. Though it is still possible, with some minor tweaking, carryover from this story, and new plot to thicken both literally and figuratively.

If I think sequel to this, I think of Celestia dreaming about cakes, and Luna enters her dreams where the two have a similar task; touch the cake to get cake. This continues until a similar event happens with Luna in the 1st story: the clicker. Such items from the original game make its way into the story and eventually the duo have billions of cakes each. Then, instead of being a happy ending, the Granny Smith uprising begins and the siblings have to use their magic and great wits to make a deal with the rising elderly army. The portly pair offer cake in return for peace, with the Granny Smiths agree with. Then they remain at peace forever. Somehow in the end the dream finishes up and the duo reminisces about the event!

But that's my take on a sequel. You could do a prequel and tell of how the cookie came to be and where it's magical powers came from...

There's all these different possibilities and they're all great, it just depends on how well it's executed.
NightmareMoon5000 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Student Artist
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TacoBiteToughGuy Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
...what just happened?
natin123 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she means she dosen't like it
Leviathantamer Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
What I truly love about this is that I can read while playing cookie clicker to make things seem like they're going quicker.
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